San Jose Meeting of The Religious Society of Friends

1041 Morse Street, San Jose, California 95126 (408) 246-0524

Meetings For Worship held every Sunday at 10:00 A.M.

The San Jose Meeting House is the oldest Quaker meeting house in California

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Directions to the Meeting

San Jose Friends Meeting is positioned between Santa Clara University (SCU) and highway 880, near The Alameda and Newhall Street. It has a San Jose address, but is on the Santa Clara side of highway 880.


From highway 880, exit at The Alameda. At the end of the off-ramp, turn onto The Alameda toward Santa Clara University (away from San Jose). (This can be confusing because the Meeting address is San Jose, but is by Santa Clara.)

Be alert! Almost immediately after turning onto The Alameda, you come to a traffic light at the intersection of Newhall and The Alameda. (There is a Shell gas station at this corner.) Turn left at this light.

Go one block to Morse Street. Turn left onto Morse Street.

Drive one block to the end of Morse, which dead-ends here. Friends Meetinghouse is at 1041 Morse Street, at the very end on your right. Park in the lot across from the Meetinghouse.

You can click here and obtain directions from Yahoo!.

By Bus:

Take VTA (Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority) bus number 22.

Get off the bus at The Alameda and Newhall Street, which is one block from highway 880 and near the San Jose-Santa Clara border. (The bus stops at a Shell gas station on one corner; going the other way it stops directly across the street at the Cozy Restaurant.)

After getting off the bus, go down Newhall Street one block to Morse Street.

Turn left on Morse Street.

Meeting is on the right at the end of this one-block street.